Navigating your way from Part 101 into Part 102 can be tricky.

You may of heard about exemptions and variations, document controls, risk mitigations, Hazard Registers, induction procedures and many more but if you are left asking yourself where do I start you have found the right place.


Our team of Aviation document writers have been in the business for many years crafting the various documents that allow aviation orgainsations to succinctly, safely and without any fuss go about their business.

We understand that the challenges of operating RPAS do not need to be complicated by ineffective, clumsy and often over thought documentation that hinders your ability to go about your work.

Our Compliance Exposition documents are written with you the operator in mind. How do we know..... because we are operators as well.

With the assistance of our RPAS consultancy service we can assist you like the other 53 organisations to achieve your Part 102 Certificate. Our service is a fast, easy to use and supportive service.

Get in touch today and let us take the pain out of the process.




Exposition Cost $599
How Do I become Certified

Needs Assessment

What do I want to achieve?

Why do I need to work outside of Part 101?

Initial Consultation

Meet with our team to formulate a timeline and provide essential information to begin creating your documents.

Complete Forms

You will need t complete and return the 24FPP, 24102-01 along with the supporting information to us

Delivery Documents for Review

We will deliver your Exposition and documents for review by you

Finalise Application

We will check you have completed all necessary forms, documents and supporting evidence is attached

Submit to CAA

You will submit your application to CAA. They will review your application, interview you and issue your Part 102 Certificate.

So What does it cost if I use your system?


FlyUAV offers a package service that  enables you to become a Part 102 Certified Organisation with the least amount of fuss, lost time and productivity and frustration. below you will find a Flow Chart of the Typical Steps in becoming a Part 102 Operator. Our consultants are available to assist you on this Journey. CAA costs are only approximate to give you an idea of the commitment required.

Part 102 Pilot Training Course                                                                                                                   $1050

Part 102 Organisation Exposition                                                                                                              $  599

Part 102 Consultancy (usually 3 hours)                                                                                                     $  450*

Sub Total                                                                                                                                                    $2099 

CAA Processing and Application Fees (based on standard Exposition and estimate only)                     $1500**

Grand Total                                                                                                                                                 $3599***


* This is based on a standard application where no additional privileges are required beyond operations within 4km, Night unshielded, Private Property, Populous Areas or above 400ft. Should you have   specific operational requirements this is also not included.

** The CAA fess are an estimate based on previous organisations

*** These figures do not include travel, accommodation, loss of earnings while training, extra time and fees for submitting out of date supporting evidence or partially incomplete applications. All prices exclude GST

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